The Javaglow scrub is a great pick-me-up at the end of a day, a little bath ritual in the privacy of your own home that leaves you feeling and looking radiant! Having lived in Indonesia as a plant scientist for almost halve of my life, I can relate to the use of traditional botanicals, so the name Javaglow is very appropriate. Thank you Tanny and good luck with the development of your new products.

Ir Marita Hovers
Age : 40s
Nationality : Dutch living in Indonesia
Occupation: Plant Scientist (Tissue Culture)

For someone in her late 50’s who is rather blessed to have naturally good skin, I am not one who would spend time and money on body care products. Coupled with a hectic work and travel lifestyle, it does not leave me much time to pamper myself too until a very good friend of mine, Tanny, presented me a bottle of Javaglow coffee scrub about 3 months ago.

Despite not having the luxury of time and also always feeling fatigue after a long and stressful workday, I was really excited to try it, firstly because of the amazing result I saw in my friend and also the realization that my skin was starting to feel dry due the simple reason of “skin aging” and chronological skin aging is a universal and inevitable process causing dry, pale skin with fine wrinkles.

For someone who does not normally apply body cream and scrub, I am very proud to say that I was very discipline and kept to a good routine and after 1 month; I could feel that my skin was smoother and moist. I was obviously elated with the results and I am really enjoying this very relaxing and simple regime which leaves my skin feeling fresh and moist with a nice glow on my skin.

Last weekend, 3 months since I first started to use Javaglow scrub, my husband, who normally does not give compliment, asked me what I have been using as he felt that my skin was much smoother to the touch. That to me was the best compliment.

May Choong
Managing Director
Dior Singapore

If you think the clock of your skin won't turn back to 20s when you turn 30s. Javaglow proves your wrong - my skin feels as soft as a baby after using it and I am thankful this product exists.

Love the fact that it's all natural ingredients with a unique formulation. It exfoliates gently, yet effectively and leaves a pleasant moisturizing oil on the skin, lotion is not even necessary after your shower. the scent would work on a man or a woman.

I have tried many scrub products in my life but nothing satisfied me 100%. Javaglow really does surprise me!

There are plenty of choices in the market when it comes to beauty products, but Javaglow is simply irreplaceable.

Elaine Tsang
HK Chinese
Retail management
Graff Hong Kong

I have never in my life written a review for anything but I feel so strongly about this body scrub from Java Glow.

I've always struggled eczema and psoriasis, lately I've been desperately to find something to calm my itchy, irritated and red inflammation skin over the years. This is the only thing I've ever tried that I get instant results from.

My skin has never felt more amazing and my eczema had cleared drastically. I can't emphasize enough how amazing my skin felt after I used.

Lavish in this luxuriously and miraculous body scrub which is specially formulated to be gentle and even on sensitive skin.

The caffeine in coffee has a number of benefits, it stimulates blood flow when massaged into the skin targeting cellulite, stretch marks exfoliates dry skin.

You will never go back to another product if u can have skin like this at the fraction of the cost!

Brenda Goi
Owner of Salon Le Jardin

As ladies, we care about how we look and 'feel' at all times. The secret behind my glowy and dewy skin is Javaglow!

The organic ingredients used in Javaglow's coffee scrub remove dead skin cells and rejuvenates my skin at the same time, giving me smooth and exfoliated skin. Besides, if you are a coffee lover, you will definitely fall in love with the scent of organic coffee beans used in the scrub. Keeps my mind fresh!

While it's coffee scrub is amazing, Javaglow's moisturizing shower oil and body lotion are even better! They hydrate and brighten dull skin. I could see the effects on my skin in just two weeks. For me, it has definitely become a beauty necessity.

My experience with Javaglow thus far has been fun and great. I absolutely love it! Be sure to check them out, you won't regret it!

Ann Wang

As an avid user of beauty products, I have always been open to experience new discoveries ... and shopping in today's industry of beauty, it is not strange for me as a consumer to find promises of "anti aging", "elixir of youth" or some scientific breakthrough in distillation to alienate the DNA of a botanical plant or even common garden pests. The irony which is not written on any labels or packaging is that we must own a "self rejuvenating" spirit to encounter countless disappointments in the next best product and their well encrypted promises.

The cradle of youth is the least kept secret, however not many are convince by its simplicity; good diet, lots of water, sensible exercises and a good night's rest ... nevertheless ritualistic maintenance does plays a good part to upkeep the visible appearance of oneself. Exfoliation, is probably one of the most basic and simple steps that we can start at home, by removing the top layer of dead skin cells, we are able to encourage the surfacing of new "skin" and regular gentle exfoliation promotes the 28 days cycle of self renewal.

After years of using off high end counter products from established brands, I am one of the few enthusiasts in the search for independent companies, taking an organic and chemical free approach. When I was offered my 1st bottle of Javaglow 4mths ago, I had my doubts and did my due diligence online, researching about coffee scrubs. I am a tea lover, and the closest experience I have with coffee would be gelato ... several online sites cited and I quote, "loaded with antioxidants, prevents premature aging skin", " caffeine .. reduce puffiness of water retention" and various benefits caught my attention. I began using this once a week to my routine. Each time, it was a pleasant feeling, as the smell of coffee was interesting in the bathroom (usually when consume giving an anti depressant effect), the texture of the coffee powder blended with sea salt and packed with essential oils left a lasting sheen on my skin thereafter. After the first month, I could definitely feel the vivid difference of my elbows, soles and posterior side, which is normally the problematic area for callous skin.

Without a doubt, I was elated to discover this simple and effective treatment that could do the same and more then my previous products and to stressed, it is preservative and chemical free. It was not until a recent chat with the founder of Javaglow, that I understood more about this jar of goodness. She was adamant for me to try it on a daily basis, as she reassures me that the coffee blend is gentle and whilst stripping away the dead skin cells, her well selected essential oils that compounds the scrub together will have the best opportunity to replace the skin with plenty of moisture, leaving a permanent glow on my skin.

This was the turning point of my journey, henceforth I am looking forward daily after a stressful day from the office, to my little private session of tranquility, it is a personal pleasure every day after my shower to step out feeling like I have just completed a spa ... and a cup of white peony tea (filled with antioxidants) always ends it with a reassuring note that I have found my nirvana.

Jeremy Lim
Retail Director
Dior Singapore

Java Glow is a life saver body scrub. I used to have ugly acne problems at my posterior end. I tried many solutions but nothing works like this miracle formula of all natural goodness.

It's ingredients consists of all the rich essential oils and the gentle coffee scrub. After scrubbing it lightens the pigmentation of the scar caused by acne.

I will personally recommend it to all my friends as my long term problem was solved within a few scrubs.

Thank you so much Java Glow

Product Designer

Thank you Tanny, I am a devout fan, almost an addict of the scrub you gave me. There is no other product that gives me the same results. I shared my gift from you with a very special friend of and she is enjoying it too. I am so grateful that the coffee scrub has turned my dry skin so soft, smooth and glowing. Javaglow coffee scrub smells fresh and natural AND IT WORKS* thanks for making my skin smoother and healthier than when I was in my 20s.

Jenny Gallyot
General Manager, Dior South East Asia